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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last minute

George came home yesterday to tell me that he needed a pair of long johns for camp next week.    I got an email confirming this from his teacher so there was a quick dive into the stash to find some Merino knit and today I made these:
This pattern is a Kwik-Sew pyjama pattern which I've cut out in size 6 with size 10 length as my lad is fairly slim.    He tried them on before they were hemmed and before the elastic was inserted and he didn't want to take them off; they fit perfectly!   Definite success.
I also found a lack of undies for him and a lack of socks; obviously we have a sock gremlin; he's been around for a while though.  The undie gremlin is a new addition to the household.   A quick trip to the Warehouse took care of that, and I picked up a new torch as well, his is getting old and doesn't work so well now.

I'm also making a pile of stuff to put nametags in; the Dymo Letratag has had a bit of a workout today and tomorrow I'll be ironing those in.   I'll also be taking our DVD player in, it's got an extended warranty and is showing signs of the same fault it had 2 years ago which involved a 2 month wait for parts; really hoping it doesn't take that long this time!

In other news I've finished cutting out the fabric for my Prism quilt; I can start sewing it now!
and I frogged Ian's jersey due to a serious dislike of the yarn; it's not something I like knitting, though I'm sure that some people love it.   Naturally Landscape is the yarn and it's on my trade page on Ravelry if anyone's interested.
Love the colour, and it is mostly wool so it fits my yarn snobby viewpoint, it's just the way it's made that doesn't suit my tight knitting style.


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