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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mix it up - Wardrobe Wednesday

Today is a perfect day for the tunic to be worn again; it's cold so layers are good, but not freezing so I don't have to cover it up.

The photo was taken by youngest who is a point a shoot kind of kid; I had about 6 photo's to choose from, but this was the only one in focus.

I am wearing:
My Jetty Tunic
Me-sewn top in a soft wool-blend fabric from an Ottobre pattern
Me-sewn trousers which are getting a little big, but stay up fine with woollies tucked in.  The trousers are an Ottobre pattern in corduroy with contrast pocket flaps.
My favourite Planet Earth shoes which are really comfy
A felt brooch courtesy of Joanne from a fibre swap a wee while back.
Wardrobe Wednesday at
The bag in front of me is an unprocessed fleece that came out of the freezer yesterday after a bag near it had a moth infestation.   It should be safe now as it's been in and out several times.

In other news I've got the fabric for the back of my quilt; it's on the line now and is flannel so good for snuggle factor
I'm over halfway through piecing the 12 rows of the quilt front, hoping to get several more done today but have to put the heater on in the sewing room first as it's freezing down there!

Last week I took our DVD player/recorder in under its extended warranty as it was starting to play up; it did the same thing about 2 years ago so this time I recognised the signs and took it in much faster.   It wouldn't read discs despite them being scratch free and it having been cleaned.   I got a phone call on Monday to say it was uneconomic to repair (was going to cost more than we paid for the unit) and although there was a clause in the extended warranty limiting their liability to the amount we paid, would we like a new one free of charge?   The new one is actually $300 more than we paid for the original.  Of course the answer was yes please!    So we popped down to get it, paid $50 for another extended warranty for the new one (I have horrible luck with DVD players) and brought her home; surprisingly they agreed to let us have the old one back, so I've been copying the last few bits off the hard-drive onto DVD's as that functionality is still just fine.   Just one left to go and we'll swap to the new one
There have been some changes since our old one was made.   They're now high definition, and come with Freeview built in, so if we ever get rid of Sky, we can still get tv even once it all changes to digital.

At the same time we picked up Thomas' new glasses; no photo I'm afraid but I think he looks really cute in them; he's not so sure but he's never had any despite his horrible eyesight since before I met him.   Suddenly he can see a lot better.  They haven't put full correction in as that would have been too hard to adapt to straight away, but they'll work up to that after he's ok with this prescription.   One good thing, his eye condition has stabilised so shouldn't get any worse.


Notchka said... Best Blogger Tips

My Huz is a point and shoot kinda guy, so I can relate! I like the cords - nice wintery colours all together!

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