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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Interweave Knits Summer 2012

It arrived today, at least it was faster than the spring one that was over 2 months late!

1st impression, the paper is rubbish quality, rather disappointed considering the magazine isn't cheap to buy.
Now, down to the patterns.   I wasn't expecting much considering the comments I've heard so far, but here's what I think.

Pictures here

Ipanema Hat
I rather like this, it's a nice shape and a wide brim which is always good, especially here in NZ where the sun is so harsh.  I think this one is definitely worth considering.

Endira Necklace
A very sweet little linen and beaded collar styled necklace.   I'm not sure if I'd make it simply due to the fact that I tend to forget to put jewellery on.  Would be nice to have in the box for a summer evening though.

Tiered Bangles
I'm not into bangles and to be honest these don't do anything for me.  I'm not sure what it is, but they won't be going on my queue.

Ingrid's Gloves
Nice, simple but I have other patterns that are nicer.    Too basic to bother with to be honest.

Ginkgo Lariat
I have visions of it dipping into my hot chocolate, and it looks like the teabags my husband dumps on the kitchen bench.

Greta Headband
Now this I like, would be practical to keep my ears warm while wearing my hair up; when my hair is up most hats aren't an option and I usually do have it up.

Summer Blooms Shawl
This is the cover item and it's very pretty.  I feel it would look better in a dark colour though, the lace pattern is a little lost in the pale pink over a pale grey dress with pale skin.    If it had to be in pink, then style it on someone with darker skin and a rich coloured dress to set it off.

Sakura Tee
I love the motif, but on a circular shawl, not a tee.   It ends up shapeless and makes the model look like she has a thick waist.

Planche Vest
I look at this and see a shopping bag; not my cup of tea at all.

Pianissimo Mitts
These I love, delicate on the edges, but plain in the areas most likely to catch on things.

Coquette Vest
This is pretty, I couldn't wear it due to my shape, but it would look fantastic on any woman who's not yet had their body changed by having babies.   If I added a cap sleeve though it would work on me.

Arrowhead Camisole
Another that I like but won't make as it's shape won't work on me.  Another pattern for young ones I think.

Dawn Dress
I feel that the bust area isn't as fitted as it needs to be on this, possibly needs to come up a touch higher, or come in a little on the top of the front.   I hate the skirt part, way too much fabric and will make anyone look overweight, it's also too short to wear without being certain you're wearing your best undies.   Might work for pregnancy, but only if you added quite a bit of length and allow for the shortening effect of a baby bump on the front.   I can see it working with a more fitted skirt

Menemsha Pullover
The top is really nice, but then it's let down with not enough shaping in the body; it just looks boxy.   More shape and longer would give a Grecian feel to it which would be lovely.

Seaglass Shell Top
I adore this!  I'd need sleeves, but I like it enough that I think I'd take the risk and make it anyway.  Love the lace on the back and the plain but fitted front.

Twist and Shout Dress
No wee girl to knit for here, but even if there was although it's cute there are other dresses I much prefer.  I think it would look better in a lighter weight yarn.

Popsicle Dress
I think I like it, but I don't wear belts and there are no photo's of it without a belt!  Considering there's no shaping on the schematics you really need to see it on a body without the belt.  I'd make it longer, but I like the colour-blocking and the neckline and sleeves.

Freewheel Tote
I can feel the knot on my shoulder just looking at it, and it's so deep you'd never find the stuff at the bottom.

Sand Dune Cardigan
I rather like this, it reminds me of a bought one but in a good way.   Very tempting to put it in the queue.

Bethany Wrap
It falls nicely and I like the wee collar, but I don't think it'll bump Vitamin D off the queue

Flynn Cardigan
Unflattering and shapeless, this being said it would be an ideal wrap up cardigan for the winter in a wool yarn for sitting in front of the fire.

Herringbone Vest
A basic vest with a little detail to update it.   Not sure my husband would wear it, but might suggest it to him.

Hana Shell
Another shapeless knit and with that opening in the back it'll be hard to keep warm in the evenings.   Might work in a hot beach climate, but not for here.

My final feeling on this - if I didn't have the sub I probably wouldn't have bought it, not enough that I love and many of them I've seen very similar items before.  At this point after 2 disappointing mags I'm thinking I won't renew after my final mag this time next year.


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