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Monday, December 24, 2012

#reverb12 Day 24: Your most important habit?

Hugging my boys (includes Dh), this is without a doubt my most important habit and I need to do it even more often!

In other news we got a present for Dh's goddaughter today, our neighbour suggested "pink and fluffy" for an 11 month old girl as we had no clue.   Thomas headed out this morning to find something, after seeing Despicable Me the "pink and fluffy" concept absolutely had to be a unicorn.    He got the last Unicorn Pillow Pet in Christchurch, got it home and the boys fell in love with it too, they've wanted a Pillow Pet for a while, so we just ordered them a horse and frog Pillow Pet to share the shipping with a family board game we wanted.   King of Tokyo is the game, we've borrowed it before and it's great fun, had come up on special at Mighty Ape so we overspent slightly.    At least it was spending that was agreed between us.

It means we are now all ready for Christmas, I've even cleaned up our driveway of weeds! 


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