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Friday, December 14, 2012

A new project

I cast on today for a new pair of socks, this one for Thomas.    The yarn I'm using is this
Vintage Purls Sock in Mandorla colourway.
This yarn got halfway through the sock pattern that came with it a while ago, but I decided I really wasn't enjoying knitting that sock so it marinated for a while and has now agreed to try again in a different pattern.
Escalator Socks is the pattern I've chosen, it's designed for a man and is done on finer needles than I normally use so hopefully it'll wear well, fairly simple yet effective.

Been a busy week here, now that I've finished the quilt I've been catching up on, ugh, housework.  So the oven is now clean, the kitchen venetians have come down and the decision has been made to chuck them out as they're impossible to clean.   I've also cleaned under the washing machine and dryer (another urgh), I think the dryer's been dripping; downside with a condensor dryer I guess.  Whole house is vacuumed and now I'm stuffed.    Might do some more knitting on the shawl.

Been working as well, but I did take Tuesday night off for a very good cause.  We went to see The Hobbit, 2 days before official release!    It's good but I personally think The Lord of the Rings was better, could be because we saw it in 3D and I don't feel the movie did as well in 3D as Avatar.   I think the boys will love The Hobbit though, lots of fight scenes and Gollum was so well done!


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