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Friday, December 21, 2012

#reverb12 Day 21: What's on the dream list?

2012 dream list involved making some quilts and I did that, I made 3 total and they all turned out well, I don't count the quilted small things.
It also involved getting the new garage, that dream has now transferred to 2013.
Winning Lotto of course, that's another that hasn't yet come to fruiton, I really do want it to happen not just for us but so we can help out our families and also the spinning guild and judo club.  Plus of course I'd love to get the house double glazed, the driveway sealed and solar hot water, dreams are free :).
We didn't get a dog, not practical at the moment as the garage really needs to be finished first.

My top 3 dreams for 2013:

The garage being up and in use, I really want the boys to be in separate rooms and soon!
Spending more time doing stuff with the family
Getting the section under control.

3a: would love a dog, but Thomas isn't keen.   I think it'd be good for the boys and my fitness too.

Right, time to stop dreaming and time to go and make the pavlova, see you later!


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