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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#reverb12 day 18: The colour of you?

I think the idea of this question is to find one colour that represents me this year.   I can't do that, so much has been happening and everything has it's own colour so I'm going to choose a few of the most significant ones.

Muddy brown with black streaks - my dealings with EQC, basically you get stuck in the muck and have streaks of anger.

Orange - the alarm times when Ian or George (or Thomas) put themselves in harms way or disappear

Yellow - excitement of finishing projects or the children accomplishing something amazing

Grey - the feeling of extreme tiredness I often seem to be moving through these days.   Possibly a combo of stress, lack of sleep and I suspect low iron levels.   I've not taken a supplement for this for ages and I tend to get low on it after a while despite eating plenty of meat.   I've ordered some Spatone to help with this.


School is now out!   The boys got Xbox/Tablet time this afternoon as they'd been pretty good and it was raining, and  a holiday so all the boxes were ticked.   Hope it doesn't rain too much these holidays.
All the Christmas gifts are ready to wrap, nothing new to worry about getting aside from food, that'll happen tomorrow as our pays went in early.  Tomorrow will be meat, veges and bread.   We'll also pay a visit to the library to get the boys some reading material.   I will get more work done so I can relax for the next 3 weeks.  The plans for the holidays include things like the library, playing on the tramp, visits to the beach and parks etc.  All cheap or free stuff to help with paying for the trampoline and garage etc.

The latest Scope of Works from EQC has arrived, they've put the carport and slab in now, but the garage seems to have been left out this time, I've emailed them, yet again.  If EQC were a business they would have gone out of business by now.


Mrs A said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm just impressed you are getting somewhere with eqc...we are waiting and possibly could be for a few years. And you are right they would have gone out of business if they were one!!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

We were told a few years as well, that's when we chose to Opt Out. Our garage contents are in storage and we run out of insurance money in April, can't wait for them to get moving their normal way.

Sonya said... Best Blogger Tips

We thought we had (slight) progress from EQC when I rang a couple of weeks ago to be told that ur claim had been passed to the settlement team. And then last week we got a letter explaining apportionment, so it looks like they've only just decided it might be over the cap. All this time we were assuming that the apportionment is what was holding things up. (They say that all apportionment should be sorted by May next year).

Thankfully we're not paying rent on our borrowed home, so the time factor is mostly just depressing rather than financially stressful. We'd love to be back in town though, and in our own home. (We have considered buying/renting an interim house, but don't really want to move more than we have to.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

The whole thing is just so hard and it shouldn't be. We should feel that EQC is helping us rather than putting obstacles in our way. Insurance companies should be more helpful than many of them are being as well. Unfortunately our world doesn't operate on "should", certainly not in Christchurch. Hopefully you get some real movement soon

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