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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Birthday Post

I got most of what I had planned to do done today which was nice.   I also got to go to Knitworld which wasn't in the plan, but we hadn't planned on going out until George's mozzie bites required a trip to the chemist.
I spent a little more than I'd planned, but look at this:
All for socks, all yummy.
I also got the sewing done on my petticoat, just got to get the waist tie in so it stays up
100% silk jacquard; loverly.
My present from Thomas:
Chiao Goo interchangeable small set, plus a couple of pairs of fixed needles too.
I also got the hat cast on:
beginnings of a hat, hope it fit me!
I also got a book by the author of the Lemony Snicket series from MIL and a photo frame from SIL.   I think the photo frame requires something with colour in it, possibly me wearing something knitted, Thomas was thinking a nice family photo, but the frame is a bit too bouncy for that, the colours are fairly bright.


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