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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Well, I forgot the camera today, again.  Boys had a great time, but after 4 hours Ian was ready to go home and to be honest so was I.  Really tired and I got sunburned too.   I used sunscreen, but it didn't stop the burn unfortunately.    It's not hugely bad, but it is red.  Boys don't seem to be burned for some reason, though I can't recall them ever getting burned whether we sunscreen them or not; they were screened today just as I was.
Unexpectedly I got a couple of presents from my MIL and SIL; the final Lemony Snicket book (I'm missing a few before the last one, but that's ok) and an older woolcraft book which I don't have.   It's called Fibre Facts for Spinners and Weavers and it's a wonderful book of hints from various fibre crafters back in the early 1980's.  So nice not to get hit with chocolate or similar this year. 

Tried to play on the Xbox when I got home, but was so tired I got motion sickness so gave that up and instead started to work on my Central Park Hoodie again, not got much done so far, but closer to the end of the ribbing section on the back.   I should start on my next shawl, but not really in the mood.  Should get a few more rows done tonight, hoping that I will finally finish the ribbing; that would be nice.

What are we going to do tomorrow?   Don't know, but I think it'll be quiet and maybe some exercise.  No boxing day sales though.


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