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Friday, December 16, 2011


This afternoon after I'd got the boys home and was about to make lunch for me I saw someone drive up to our place; now, we're on a back section so most people who drive up are either known or else looking for the people in front of us.   This elderly lady gets out and hobbles up to the door with a plate of cake, turns out she lives across the road and had met George when he visited his mate across the road yesterday.  She wanted to say hi and give us baking!   I thought it was really sweet and thanked her very much after giving her back her plate.
A completely different beast to the chocolate cake I make, but I'm sure it will be very nice.   We're going to try it at afternoon teatime.
There was a small problem when it came time for her to go back home though; as it was pouring with rain she came over in her car, while attempting to get it out of our driveway she got it stuck against the main fence post and dented the back door.   She had to come back to ask me to get it out for her, I don't know how she'd managed it, but it took me a good 5 minutes of manouvering to get it out and the door although not losing any paint was definitely dented.  The worst part was she kept putting her hands on the car to stop it from getting further damaged which had me hoping that I wasn't going to damage her!   In the end I got the car out without shifting her drivers seat position (and I thought I had short legs) and off she went.   Hope she does talk to her insurance company and I'm glad it wasn't my fault, my neighbour helped as well, she kept an eye on where the car was in relation to the fence and let me know how we were going; thanks Paula.

In other news school is out and once again this afternoon I'm down to one child.  After ages of George wanting to go to Mekhye's house he's been invited over the last 3 afternoons; I've never seen him get off the computer faster than he did yesterday, he was halfway down the drive before I'd even got my slippers on.    Mekhye and his brother seem to enjoy having George over and it's good to do before the Christmas rush next week.   Also Ian's been invited to yet another birthday party in the new year; both boys are getting really social which is lovely to see.

Knitting news is a bit slow, my BSJ is getting closer to completion.   I've got 4 short rows to do and then onto the button bands which I'm hoping to finish tonight.   I've wound the yarn for my next shawl and once BSJ is finished I'll also do an Aviatrix bonnet in the same yarn as BSJ.   Then I can knit for me, I need more socks as my worsted weight ones disintegrated, and I've got to repair Thomas' socks from last Christmas too, I'm pretty sure I'll have some leather that's big enough to put a sole onto them for him.   I've got to purchase a pattern for my next cardigan too; it'll be colourwork, but not all over the jersey, just in a band above the bust.   I'm not getting quite as much knitting in as I wanted though, work has just got busy and I've been asked to do extra next week instead of winding down as I had planned.


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