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Monday, December 19, 2011

Jane Austen

I took the quiz and have to agree wholeheartedly; I am Elinor Dashwood.   I could have coped with Elizabeth Bennett; but Elinor will do nicely.   I'm sensible, mostly level headed and cope with most things, including school holidays.

Tomorrow is going to be busy; I have work to do, the kids want to go see Santa so I'll have to head out for that and hope that Barrington Mall isn't too busy.   I'll have to say no to all the "I want" requests; not that hard as we've just spent more than we wanted to.   Banana cake to make as our banana's are getting a bit ripe and I want to dye some yarn too or fibre with the boys helping.

Today was busy.  Dr's appointment done, alternative practitioner visited and he doesn't think he needs to see me again; I just need to keep up the psyllium and he's given me some herbal teas for IBS and also that time of the month.  We've ordered fly screen kits so when they arrive we'll have to put them together and put them up; hopefully that'll keep "that darned cat" out as the little bastard snuck in through an open window the other night, sprayed in the hall on the books and then on our bed before going to sleep there!   Also got the new printer on the way and a spare battery for the camera; I think my Kindle is going to be a while down the track.  Got to pay for all that and then get some more off the mortgage.   Never mind, I've coped just fine without one up till now and in the meantime I'll just keep printing things off and then using a pen/pencil on them to note where I am in my knitting patterns.  
I got a whole 3 rows done on Aviatrix today, hopefully there'll be more done on Thursday.


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