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Friday, December 02, 2011

Christchurch buildings

I've just watched a film that Breville have put up; it's only available to NZ and Australian viewers and only for today (Friday) and tomorrow.    It's about a guy who went on a juice fast for 60 days and it is truly inspirational.  I've saved it for later viewing, but for those of you who can access it....
juice fast

For some reason it won't let me imbed the youtube video; possibly because blogspot is not NZ based.  I don't think I'll do the 60 days, but I'm going to start juicing at least once a day after the next grocery shop, and might try a shorter fast.

2nd thing, the other day Thomas and I went into town to pick up his bike; that didn't happen due to parts not having been ordered yet, but I did get a couple of photo's using the new camera's telephoto lens.    I think I need one that zooms even further; but that's a long way in the future.
Here's the Hotel Grand Chancellor as it looks now; it's the one on the right next to the tree
Its roof has come off now.   The building to the far left I took a shot of too:
There was a pigeon on one of the beams on the far side, not something you see in most places; pigeons yes, but not like this.   I took one last photo of the street further down on the right; a whole lot of containers there to stop the facade from falling into the street and maybe give them a chance to save it:
You can't actually get down there, the street is blocked off just past that orange sign; still incredibly dangerous in the red zone and I found out today that the bus tours are now all booked up, so my procrastination means I won't get in there.

On to more positive things, I've done some more knitting on T's sock:
Really pleased with them so far, just 36 more rows to go!   Might even get them finished at the guild meeting tomorrow.  Speaking of the guild, our Christmas lunch is on Sunday and as well as the fibre challenge (I made Sheepie for that) the theme for the year was containers.  Yesterday I hooked myself a container for my cellphone, slightly too big and then felted it!
This was using  a remnant of some worsted weight felted singles I had from a now defunct local yarn business.  Lovely to work with and it's perfect for my phone!  I'll show it off at the guild lunch; didn't think I'd have anything to show for that, but I saw a need and luckily it fitted with the theme.  I used an online tutorial for inspiration, but really did my own thing; it's in double crochet (English terminology, single crochet for the Americans reading this)

Tomorrow I might do a review of the latest Interweave Knits that arrived today; some gorgeous vintage looking items in there, a couple I don't like so much, but still worth getting in my opinion.


Erin Wallace said... Best Blogger Tips

Those socks are too cool! I am envious of sock knitters. Every sock I have ever knit does not fit my high arches and huge calves. So I gave up and knit hats, scarves, wraps, and the odd sweater. Send comfy sock vibes mmy way, please ;)

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