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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost another year older

No sewing

this is basically how today went, the day before I get another year older.  

At the moment Spotlight has 30% off all fabric and they sent me a voucher for $10 off any spend over $10 so I decided it was a perfect time to get the tulle I need for my petticoat.  I really wanted Crinoline, but it's not something Spotlight know anything about, so tulle it was.  Nylon netting was suggested, but I don't want the ballerina look, something softer is more me.  I don't have any ribbon to sew over the raw edges so I'm thinking I might make some bias ribbon from some of my cotton fabric instead.  I'll be following the tutorial on Sugardale and it'll be for my full circle skirt.

When I got home we put the boys in the car and headed out to Acorn Hobbies for Thomas to pick up his undercoat paint.   The boys found several things in there they'd love to get, but unfortunately for them we didn't buy any of them.

Next off to Beadz Unlimited for the first time since they relocated after the earthquakes.   I now have 2 tubes of clear beads to go on my pink shawl; Thomas hated all the pink beads on it and to be honest I wasn't that keen on them either.  I also got one tube of cream coloured ones to join the bead stash; all in size 5.

Home and we started tidying the lounge.    That took a while, especially with the half-hearted help from the boys.   It is now done though, but after that came.....

Work.   Had to get some done so I don't have to do any tomorrow on my birthday.   Tomorrow I definitely want to go to the museum (if it's open) and do some sewing.

Tonight will be some Xbox time on Resident Evil 5 with Thomas; after the boys go to bed.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

very creative shopping day! have a GREAT birthday tomorrow. Hope you get thoroughly spoilt.

Webfrau said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow.

KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

Friday today - Happy Birthday!!! I hope that your day, and the year to come, brings you all the joy and happiness that you could wish for!

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