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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A lovely day

We went for another walk this morning, not as long as yesterday but still a good one.   The boys did some pretend fishing at the stream
 And played Storks on the wooden bollards
I saw some wonderful textures on the trees in the park

before heading back home.  Had a quick chat to the neighbours when we got home and Paula mentioned one item of clothing that she wears a lot in summer which I have realised is missing in my wardrobe.  Shorts!    So there was a rummage in the accessible stash, a quick wash of some lovely green cotton twill weave fabric and a hunt for the perfect pattern.   Tomorrow I'll be cutting out this pattern
This is Ottobre 2/2010 and they'll be smart shorts; not exactly vintage, but it's been pretty hot here the last few days.   Thursday though the weather is supposed to change.
Because it was so nice today we went out on the lawn after dinner and played Addictionary for the first time; a good, fun game which George enjoyed as well as Thomas and I.  Ian wasn't interested, but we'll play it again and try to get him interested.

I got some more done on my Central Park Hoodie, we're now past the transition chart and into the main chart.   2 rows done on my socks too, still a long way to go on those, but they're my out and about knitting so it'll come.

Tomorrow will have another walk and maybe a visit to the museum; though Thomas wants to do that later in the week so we'll see on that one.


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