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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finished Item Thursday

I have just finished Aviatrix!
Isn't it gorgeous?  Nice straightforward pattern to knit and I think it'll look fab with the BSJ too.
Now to work out what to cast on next; I do need to cast on the Seaside Shawlette in pink, but that's going to be a concentration knit; I need something for Christmas day that's fairly easy to do without too much counting and stuff; I feel a basic sock coming on I think.   Time to visit the Ravelry queue and see what's next there aside from my 2 design projects which are definitely not Christmas day knitting at the In-law's.   It'll be a great day there, but too noisy for real concentration.

I got baking done today too, no photo's so you'll have to take my word for it.  More fudge, chocolate brownie as per Mum's request for Saturday and also a banana cake (with fudge for icing) and banana bread.   Yummo!

Me?  I'm not doing nothin' (notice the double negative here?); but if you wants the paper, better come get it!
 Our cats both have a newspaper fetish and have been known to disembowel one with great enthusiasm.


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