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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Birthday plan for an almost 9 year old

We let George plan his own birthday this year, I was expecting an afternoon party with McDonalds or possibly TimeOut (local video game parlour), but no, he chose at home.   6 friends and the family with a treasure hunt and general play around in the garden.
In the treasure hunt they'll be looking for pegs and the reward is going to be a small bag of homemade Russian fudge, a whistle, balloon and a mini Pinky bar.
George also wanted balloons, party blowers, homemade chocolate cake (with strawberries on top), chips and burger rings, cookies (I still have to make these), cheerios (cocktail sausages), and tomatoes.  Thomas will make popcorn too.

We're also going to be decorating pillowcases.  I've got the pillowcases and also the crayons to draw on the pillowcases, I also have a lovely steam press which I'll use to set them before the kids go home.   I think everyone will enjoy this and it's something lasting to take home instead of the usual stuff.


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