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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday Bear!

Today was George's birthday; our eldest bear is now a big 9-year old!   It was a busy day starting with presents from Mum and Dad which I got photo's of, then the party (no present photo's there, was too busy organising).
His "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" boxset

Trying out the skateboard for the first time.

The party started when his first 2 guests arrived, then everyone started to arrive including our families.  My Mother-in-law had been asked to make fruit kebabs and instead she did this wonderful thing!
Fruit Caterpillar
I thought he was absolutely darling!   By the end of it he had a couple of bits of carrot and a grape or 3 left.   All the cocktail sausages went too as did the strawberries and most of the dip things too.
Once all the presents had been opened and the boys had had a chance to run around for a bit I started them on the decorating of the pillowcases.  We had too many as a couple of people didn't arrive in the end, but George's cousin Bradley did arrive and so did Mekhye from across the road after he'd finished his sports practice.   They all did a great job on their decorations.
George working on his self portrait
While I was heat setting them all they ran around playing with this wonderful thing that my Dad got at his work do
Enormous rugby ball; very cool
Once all the pillowcases were pressed to make sure the colour stayed put I took a photo of the masterpieces

The finished artworks.  George did top left and his cousin top right; the rest are our other guests efforts.
After lunch we went out, the plan was to check where the Oral Health Centre is at the hospital for Ian's appointment on Monday, not much warning as it was due to a cancellation.   I think I know where it is, but wanted to be sure.    We went to Comics Compulsion first to get some Christmas presents, then Peterborough St to Knitworld.   Knitworld is open for those who were wondering and although not using the full building at the moment they do have a decent stock there and I might have come home with some Mithral and some John Q for the stash.
If you're in Christchurch and need/want yarn do pay them a visit; I suspect with where they are they're probably not getting as much business as they used to and we really don't want to lose such a valuable resource.
Definitely open, the door is around the back, fairly inconspicuous, but has the Knitworld sign over the top of it.
A selection of yarns, this is the heavier weight section and you can see the Brother and Singer sewing machines

My favourite section, sock yarns.  The one second from left on top is one I came home with; Merino/Possum recycled.
Needles including Knitpro; my favourite brand that they stock
Pattern books and more yarn.
The lighting in the back of the store isn't great, but blame that one on Feb 22nd, it's not their fault.   They still have the couch in the middle of the store so you can sit and knit or peruse pattern books.   Outside the store there's a lot of empty lots and damaged homes.  One looked fine from one side, then you went down the road and looked back to see no side wall; the brick firewall had gone completely.  It's very sad.  I did take some photo's but I might post them tomorrow; really tired after today and just want to sit and blob, or maybe knit.

Speaking of knitting, I've done 29 rows on my Baby Surprise Jacket and I'm loving the way the handspun yarn is looking in it.  No photo of that yet, maybe later.


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