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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Knitting

First up the BSJ was wrapped up in its fat quarter and tied with a ribbon and given to the parents-to-be on Sunday and they loved it!  
As you can see the colour of the fabric matched the BSJ perfectly!    As a result of the enthusiastic response to the jacket I said I'd do one more knitted item and when I got home I started an Aviatrix helmet for the wee one.   Not finished yet, but this is it so far
The colour isn't quite right on this one, I'm still working on the camera; didn't want flash so worked out how to change the ISO, but it's more pink than in real life.  You can see the pattern on Ravelry.  It's a free pattern and very cute; I think it's also unisex which is nice.

No baking yet, that's now planned for tomorrow.   At a minimum banana cake, banana bread and chocolate brownie.   I was feeling a bit sore today, yesterday I turned my ankle and felt the shock right through my back; had to go to the chiropractor today; luckily she had a cancellation.    Feeling better now, but I didn't feel like standing a lot kitchen; that and both boys were really tired after a day at Quail Island.   Groceries first thing tomorrow, then baking and tidying and cleaning.  

To finish with here's what I found in the bedroom this afternoon
What do you think we're doing?  We're playing pattycake of course!


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