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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Legs pedalling, wheels going around

It's the Tour de France, and the Tour de Fleece as well.  We're able to start the Tour de Fleece on Saturday (today) no matter our timezone so I started this morning at the guild.  I've finished my first bobbin of singles and will Navajo ply it tonight (photo will be posted then).  Started on the second lot but the prep for it was horrible!    It's alpaca dyed in the most marvelous teal and blue but because of the prep I can't get an even single.  I had 2 options.  1 was to biff it, the second was to spin it thick'n'thin which is what I'm going for.  50g will be plain thick'n'thin, the second I'm planning on adding some feathers to so at the end I'll have an art yarn.
Then I can get started on something a bit more pleasant to work with, maybe some Perendale by Vintage Purls. This finishes I believe on the 25th, I will spin for my Merino course as well, but probably very little knitting for the time that this covers.
School holidays are in here too so I won't be spinning all the time, lots to do with the boys.


Joanne said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking forward to seeing what it is like when N-plied Rachelle.

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