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Friday, July 30, 2010

Yays and Boos

Yay the DVD player is finally fixed!   It went in on the first week of the school holidays under its extended warranty and was finally done yesterday afternoon.  The laser unit needed replacing and there were none in the country so we had to wait for the slow boat from Japan.  Currently watching City of Ember with Ian, it's his first movie for a bit.  He's been really good this week so I decided to let him watch, that and he's sneezing stringies (boo) atm so we can't go anywhere, have cancelled his horseriding this afternoon and may have to cancel the gym as well.  Don't want movies over the weekend though as George has lost his Xbox, Movie and Computer privileges for the weekend. 
I'll be getting some work done today, but probably not a heck of a lot else.  Hoping to cast on for my Bug Off socks this afternoon if we do get to the gym though, really looking forward to them as it's my first colourwork item ever and I think I can manage continental knitting now.   Here's the yarn for it
I'm also partway through my Spiral Birdies, the yarn is Handmaiden Casbah sock which is lovely.  I've had a compliment from the pattern designer about my choice of yarn; the pattern came with yarn from Vintage Purls, but I could see the yarn in lace whereas the pattern said it wanted a more variagated yarn so I went with this yarn.   It is fluffing a little, probably from the Cashmere component, but it fits perfectly!   I'm just starting on the gusset increases atm.

I'm also starting to reduce clutter a bit, selling some of the kids toys that don't get played with; any money from that will be saved towards giving Ian a new booster seat for the car.  Will also be going through all my stuff in the sewing room and hopefully reducing that slightly.  Have already donated a little fabric to school for their wearable arts program; looks like I'll be doing some sewing for that too, they need some balaclava type things for the kids.

Speaking of sewing I've finally finished the boys pj's and one set for me.  Still 2 more to go for me and then I can do something a little more interesting; I want a long skirt with petticoats to keep warmth in, probably something from one of my period patterns I think.  Here's Ian's pj's, he hasn't worn the other pair yet so I'll post a photo of them once he has.


Webfrau said... Best Blogger Tips

Great colour on the spiral socks.

KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm looking forward to knitting the Bug Off socks, too! I do like your colour choice for the Spiral Bound pair - I haven't made those, yet, as I'm still working on an ugly, ugly pair I've been knitting for simply ages. Some horrible Opal yarn I bought a couple of years ago (I do like Opal's quality but the colours are kind of yuck now that I've become acquainted with Morag's yarn!). Nearly finished, though, yay!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Kathy I know what you mean about the Opal, I've got one ball I've wound off into 2 separate balls and I'm just not feeling the love. I've cast it on twice so far and it's back in the bag until I feel like knitting it again; probably a wee way in the future!

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