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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More school to come

Ian had a full day at school today as it's Tuesday, his teacher let him out last and I was worried it might be because he'd been a BAD BOY, but no he'd been a really good boy and she wanted to discuss his hours next term!
So, from the first week of next term he's doing 2 full days; Tuesday and Thursday and she wants to work up to 4 full days by the end of term!  I was really happy.  Friday hasn't been discussed yet, but I don't want him doing Friday afternoons for a bit as his riding at the RDA (Riding for the Disabled) is going really well and I think it's helpful to him.  Certainly he's been whispering less since he's been there which has to be good.
It was nice to have some good news, our washing machine refund is still being looked into (note I'm being positive here that it will be a refund); Thomas and I haven't been feeling well and although we're on the mend we're not better yet, and George is still wetting the bed every night.
Ducks are still here, need to get set up for killing them, but if we try chasing them around the yard atm it's likely to end up with ducks free still and us covered in mud.   Mind you, we should really wait till spring and see if she starts laying.....  We'll see.
Guinea pigs are doing well though, I think they might be missing grass access though, normally they'd be on the lawn but it's been so wet it's not an option.  Hoping tomorrow might give them a chance to be in their favourite place.
Btw, I'm thinking about a giveaway, should I go for fabric or yarn?   Let me know what you think!


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