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Monday, July 26, 2010

Duck Free!

Girl duck is currently on her way to her new home where she'll spend the first week in the barn in sight, sound and smell of the other ducks, but not in with them.   Her food, oyster grit etc has gone with her so she should be well served and happy (assuming she doesn't die of shock).  She didn't want to be caught but cornered herself after escaping into the larger enclosure so I had to carry her over 2 fences to get her into the cat carry.  The moment she was in there she calmed down though which was good, considering she was calling for her brother quite a lot last night  My boss will keep me posted on how she goes; she's a good healthy duck so should be fine.
Both boys have said goodbye and know she's being rehomed (not killed and eaten); Ian went to visit her when he got home today and said in a sad voice "you destroyed a duck".   George asked when we'd be getting more ducks; the response was "never".  Now I can get started on rescuing our section.  
Now, back to our normal broadcast....

My next post will have some spinning and maybe some knitting; got to get dinner on now so not just yet.  I'm partway through my final bobbin for a 3-ply Merino/Nylon sock yarn and am really looking forward to seeing that finished.   I gave away a skein of my handspun earlier today too, it's going to a lady on TNN who's just recently adopted a wee Downs baby.  2-ply BFL light fingering in browns and pink; should be well received, but I can't be there for the party so a friend is taking it for me.  It was very hard to give up, but I couldn't give away an inferior yarn and no doubt it'll get knitted or crocheted rather quicker there than it would here.


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