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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No TV for children

It's day 6 of no TV till 6pm for the children and I think it's starting to be accepted by George at least; he didn't mention it today.  Ian's still presenting me with DVD's but is getting better about putting them back when I say.
They will probably get some TV on Saturday, though the likelihood of console games is fairly low.  Ian's lost Wii for kicking George in the face; George has lost Wii and Xbox for continuous eating of cat biscuits despite being warned.
They did both help me with tidying the house this afternoon though.  George emptied the dishwasher and put the washing away while Ian helped me put the toys away from the lounge and get the floor clear so I could vacuum. Afterwards Ian played with his marble run game (I put it together for him under his direction) and then played racing games with his marbles, very cute.  George is busy reading Asterix books atm; his favourite books.
Ian is doing really well at school atm, was a little distracted today but other than that he's fine.  His first full Thursday at school tomorrow; yippee!

Oh, and while I remember, our ducks will definitely be dinner soon, just need a Saturday evening where it's fine and we'll be getting started with the help of a  couple of websites.  Thomas will help, but I'll be doing the killing and plucking, not sure what the boys will think but it'll be up to them if they want to help or not.


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