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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What's that noise? What's that smell?

Oh no, quick rush to turn off the washing machine which had almost finished it's current load and was smelling absolutely foul!   No servicemen available until tomorrow afternoon.  It's only 4 years old for gosh's sake and I have 2 boys who often (in one case always) wet the bed at night.
I've spent a fair bit of the day drooling over yarn online to make me feel better; not buying any of course as we'll need money to either fix or replace the washing machine.  If it needs replacing I'll be waggling the CGA at the place we bought it from, expected lifespan of a front loader is 12-15 years according to the Consumer site.
You know what I really want?   A new machine (paid for by Bosh) and some Wolliemeisse sock yarn.  Unfortunately I'm probably more likely to win Lotto than either of those happening so I'll just have to live with dreams.  
Wish me luck on at least having a working machine soon, beginning of the wettest winter for 3 decades is not a good time to be without the washing machine.
One good thing though, I did get the last bale of hay at Dawes for the guinea pigs, so that's in the covered deck area and will help keep them warm and healthy over the winter.  Will be cleaning them out in the morning and giving them some of the new hay, the old was getting rather damp which can't be good.


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