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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Work and gumboots

I arrived at work this morning and was given non-urgent work for a change, yippee!  As a result I've not done as much work as normal this morning.   Instead I went shopping at Para Rubber and came home with some new gumboots and an EVA multifoam mat.   The gumboots were made in Italy of all places, but should be more durable than my last pair which were pretty, but developed a critical leak when I was cleaning out the ducks on Saturday.  Not a fun experience.  These are comfortable and well made, no more dreading of going into duckville from now on.
The EVA mat is to replace my alphabet blocks for blocking lace knitting.  The current blocks work, but the letters tend to be a little annoying; these will be so much better and more stable too.

When I got home I finished my current knitting project, baby socks for a friend's baby.  He's a little older than the babies I've knitted the pattern for up till now, so I went up a needle size and made the foot longer.  They've been posted now, but here they are:

Cute, aren't they?  I hope Catherine likes them, but I guess we'll find out in a few days.   Just got one more of these to knit now and that's my test sock for the 18 month sizing.  I've got the top calculations sorted, just got to work out the heel turn and gusset arrangement.  I'll only be knitting one sock for this, but once it's worked out I'll be adding it to the pattern for no extra charge, later there may be a child's version, but if I do that then the price might have to increase slightly; it's only $2NZ atm which after paypal fees comes down to $1.50; not much to show for that much work, lol.
Oh well, back to work; it may not be urgent, but it's still running late and I promised I'd do my best to work on it quickly.  I also have my knitting session tonight so won't be working then. 

One last thing, yesterday my Vintage Purls sock club arrived, can't post photo's yet as there are lots of people who haven't got theirs yet.   In a day or so I'll show you what I got; it is beautiful though.  The pattern is simple but effective and the yarn is to dye for ;)


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