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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A good weekend

Admittedly I didn't get to the guild yesterday to knit and spin as Thomas was down in Waimate helping his brother move house, but I did get a lot of housework done!   House is clean, tidyish and the animals all have freshly cleaned areas too.  The boys helped which was nice, George emptied the dishwasher on request and even tried to refill it!  He got extra pocket money as a result.  Ian also helped but I had to give him very specific tasks.   Once it was all done I collapsed into a chair and got Ian set up on the X-box; George wasn't allowed it as he had been stepped at school for hitting another child.
We went out and got Burger King for dinner.

Today was Ian's birthday celebration, so his friend Iain from school came over and we all went to Willowbank wildlife reserve.  The boys in the car with me and Thomas on his motorbike as we wouldn't all fit with the booster seats in.  Had a good time, though Iain has perhaps not done much feeding of the animals before and I think he found that a little off putting  for a start.  He loved the donkey rides though and all 3 boys were well behaved.  Our Ian also had fun and all of the boys got to feed a very nice Wallaby and pat it.
After we'd finished the tour of the park we then had lunch there; that stung us $45 for the meal plus iceblocks afterwards for the boys.  Was worth it though.  Sorry, no photo's as I forgot the camera (blush).
Afterwards I dropped Iain off home, we came back here and the boys watched The Librarian, followed by some computer time.   My parents came around with Ian's birthday present from them; a science book which uses household stuff for experiments and a little volcano to go with it.   After they left my brother and his wife came around and handed over their presents.   Ian got 2 Lego cars from them and he immediately started to make them up with much less help from me than normal.  I was very impressed!   So definitely a good day.

I'm now going back to some knitting; working on my latest Lace Chain Baby Socks (my pattern, available on Ravelry).  These are for a friend's baby and I'm making them slightly larger as he's getting a little older than my pattern is designed for.  Once these are finished I'll be casting on for a trial in a toddler size; once that's perfected it'll be added to the pattern for no extra charge.   The current pair I was knitting 2 at a time on 1 circular needle, but it's now been split out to being knitted individually again; I think I prefer knitting the second sock!.


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