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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally some good news

I have my machine back, turned out the board had a blown track which they could fix by putting a bridge over it; don't know how much that will cost, but at least I have it back and I got a load done last night of woollens.  It didn't sound quite as I remember it last night so I'm keeping a close eye and ear on it, but that could well be simply that I am used to hearing a machine that wasn't well.
Haven't heard from Bosch yet, but that's ok as I don't know how much it is yet.  Once I know they can ring and pay for it (reimburse us).
Keeping my fingers crossed that it is well now for at least 10 years!

On another note I'm really busy with work atm, so much so that I've not done any real knitting for the last few days and I'm really missing it.  I still have a heap of work to go, but I'm taking a break today and going into the guild; it's a must for my sanity and also I won't get to go next Saturday as DH is going to be going down to Waimate on his bike to help his brother move house to Tinwald.  He has to be back for Sunday though as Ian and his friend are going to Willowbank and I don't want to be supervising 3 rambunctious boys.


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