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Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's the motor

The chap from Appliance Works arrived yesterday to look at my machine and determined that the motor was in the process of blowing, it completed that process while he was here.   I had already by that point had to do one load of hand-washing after Ian wet his bed that night.  He told me that there wouldn't be a motor in stock at the Christchurch branch so that meant if one was in stock in Auckland it'd be next week.  If no stock then a fortnight!  
I got a phone call just on 5pm last night from them to say they'd found one at the Christchurch branch (yay) and that they could fit me in the next morning (today, yay) and that it would cost $590 (discounted, but still not very yay).  We've given the go ahead, considering that a new one would be $1500 minimum and that this is a good machine normally.  I've rung the company we bought it from and waved the CGA at them, they've contacted Bosch and told me to get back to them if I've heard nothing by this time next week.

In fact the repair chap has just arrived and is taking the machine to pieces as I type, so in about 30 minutes I'll have a working machine!   We'll be putting it on the Visa, which puts paid to any plans of paying off some of the floating mortgage, but I guess we're lucky that we have the balance available on the Visa to do that. 
Here's the lovely man working on my machine.
My machine mid fix

And the new part, doesn't look much does it?  But without it the whole machine is just a space taker and I'm doing a lot of hand-washing; ick!


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