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Friday, June 25, 2010

Latest Interweave Crochet

Unfortunately I don't have my copy yet, but here's my take on the preview that's up on Interweave atm. 

Midsummer Night's Shawl:   Gorgeous, I'm in love and once the magazine arrives this will be added to my queue.

Agora Totes:  Useful looking bag, but nothing really special about this one

Helena Jacket:  Can we say insipid?   Horrible colour choice for that model, she disappears; aside from her shoulders which you get to see to the detriment of the rest of the garment.  Hang on, I've managed to get past the shoulders and I've discovered that I hate the fastening too.  You have a fairly heavy looking fastening on a lacy garment which really doesn't work.   I think with some redesign work and a different colour this could be redeemable.  A narrower shoulder would definitely help, a clean collar (get rid of the shawl), remove the puff from the sleeve and make some slim fastenings this would be a different jacket and quite wearable.

Marilyn Twin Set:  I quite like the top, it's a nice shape and in a different colour could be quite beautiful but I wouldn't make that particular jacket to go with it, it's a little shapeless and doesn't look like it belongs with the top.

Puck Tunic: Simple, but effective; this is the second item I would definitely make.   Would work well in summer in a cotton or linen and also in winter in wool as an additional layer over jeans.  The shape is nice and it covers those escapees that come with low-slung jeans.   Unfortunately I need this as the only jeans that fit me are low slung; all higher ones (which I prefer) can fit a truck down the back waistband due to my sway back.

Fast and Fabulous Bracelet:  It's very pretty, but where's the picture on a real wrist?  Oh, and have fun tying it on one-handed!

Elfin Tank: This would look quite nice if it was longer, much longer and you threaded a satin ribbon through the eyelets.   As it currently is though it looks unbalanced.

Cat Nap Mat:  Looks cute, but my cat only likes expensive yarn, preferably with possum down in it.

Chain Reaction Afghan project:  I really like some of these squares, though I wouldn't use them together.

Noontide Tee:  Urgh, those shoulders are hideous!   I like from the bustline down, but the rest is just not me and I suspect I'd be hitching it up all the time.

Cool Wave Shawl:  There's nothing wrong with this, it's just not pretty enough for me, to me a shawl needs to be pretty.

Charlotte Skirt:  I actually rather like this I think it would look nice over some slim trousers or a straight skirt.  It really doesn't work with the top they've paired it with.

Mirth Sweater:  The body on this is actually quite nice, but the sleeves are the wrong length.  I can see it working well with cap sleeves or even a slightly longer more fitted sleeve.  This sleeve might, just might work on a girl with a little less bust but I'd still change the sleeves.

Cowslip Skirt:  This would look lovely in a lighter weight yarn as an overskirt, but in this yarn it adds pounds.

Forest Reflections Shawl:  Meh.

Summer's Day Placemats:  These I like, very practical.

Moth Wings Shrug:  This is lovely and I do plan on making it.  Lovely shape and just the right weight for a summer coverup.

Lodestar Tunic:  This is another lovely tunic, the shaping is flattering they've chosen a good colour for a change and the length is just right.  You need something under it, but still worth making

Peaseblossom Tunic:  I really like this one too, once again it requires something under it, but would make a really nice evening tunic.  I want it!

Moonglow V:  This is a download, so get it while you can.  Another one I really like, but the colours don't really work for me.  I think it would look amazing with just one colour.   Funnily enough it's now sitting on my hard drive.

I'd love to hear what people think of my wee review, I'll add some more later once my copy arrives.


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