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Sunday, June 06, 2010

A productive week

I've got some stuff yet to finish.  Lace Chain Baby socks for a friend's son, a calculation on the same pattern to upsize it for another lady who's bought it, just got to find time in the coming week for that one.  My second sock is yet to be finished for me and still sewing pyjamas. 
However, we have managed to fix (mostly) our downpipe problem on the conservatory, house is clean, I can see some of the sewing room floor, George has had his follow up appointment at hospital and is now on referral to Nurse Maude for his night wetting and to Mental Health to look at Aspergers.  Turns out the hospital can't diagnose for children who are school age as they're missing a couple of specialists they need for that.   Bummer.  The Doctor we saw said he's not classic Aspergers, but he does have some of the issues that come with it, especially the problems with making friends so she wants it looked into.

I've finished my hat though, last night I finished my lovely Webs hat in Cashmere.   It's beautiful, I'm going to have to make more tams I think, once the CPH and all the stuff above this paragraph is done.
Isn't it beautiful? 


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