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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Taking the good with the bad

I've got good news and bad. Good is I got an email this morning from EQC and they're paying out our contents! It's not in the account yet, but I'm hoping it'll be there tomorrow.  Still have some bills to send them for emergency repairs too; really should get that done.  In fact I'll do it today and post it tomorrow morning.

Also good is George is now discharged from the eneurisis clinic as he now wets once a month or less often at night!  Bad is Ian has gone backwards and now wets 2-4 nights a week, so have now asked them to put him on their wait list; going to take him to Dr Sharon our chiropractor next week to see if that helps as nothing has changed at home or at school as far as I know.  Other bad, Ian has a really nasty cavity in a back tooth that I'd not spotted; half the tooth is gone so I suspect it'll have to get pulled on Monday when he goes into the dental service. I'm feeling like a bad mummy for not having spotted it and also for letting him brush his own teeth Embarassed . Also his front teeth are starting to move forward due to the thumbsucking. I've just ordered a thumbguard to stop him from sucking his thumb as he has no great desire to stop; hope it works and doesn't cause behavioural problems

Last night I cast on Ian's next jersey; this is something I'll do a bit on from time to time as I'm finding the yarn quite hard to work with; hopefully it'll get better when I go to the 4.5mm needles which are a little smoother than the only pair of 4mm needles I have.  The yarn is basically a softly spun wool with 2 binding threads holding it in place; looks a bit like a boucle; but isn't a true one.   Ian loves the colours though so I will keep at it.
I'm thinking I might change the pocket to a kangaroo style pouch; just have to work out the maths for that one.

Oh, and while I was writing this there was a call from the front door; my friendly local courier was there with this:
I wasn't expecting this till tomorrow, but it means I can get it set up tonight all going well and hopefully then remove a lot of stuff from this pc for the boys.   Don't tell them yet though; till it's all done they won't know


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck with the thumb-sucking. My parents tried EVERYTHING to get me to stop - I'm sad to say I did it until I was 19. Yeah - 19! (I'm nothing if not stubborn..)I had to get braces and the bite plate they installed left no room for my fingers - and that's how I stopped.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips


He's stubborn too but if I can I want to avoid braces; his brother already needs them for other reasons when he gets older. This particular thing I'm getting breaks the suction that makes sucking the thumb so nice for him; just hope he doesn't switch thumbs!

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