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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Seamless Pledge

I'm taking the Seamless Pledge; link is in my sidebar.  Basically what it is is that I will not buy any new clothing aside from underwear until a time that I choose.   I've chosen June 2012 as my timeline.   I'm also allowing myself to accept my annual free jersey from work.   I'm going to try this for the boys and Thomas as well, except for school uniform of course.

I'm already working on it with yesterdays belt; though when I made that I had no idea that this challenge existed.  I'm currently making myself 2 pairs of bloomers to go under my fuller skirts to stop the dreaded chafe I hope.   I love wearing skirts in summer, but I hate it when you sweat and then things get rather uncomfortable.   I can then make myself another skirt before diving into the stash for the next thing (some t-shirts for the boys and myself).  This works in well with my yarn diet and fabric diets; I'm allowing myself probably one yarn purchase soon as I have a credit at The Loopy Ewe (might have mentioned this before) and I'm allowed haberdashery if I have nothing suitable in that stash.   Not sure if this applies to quilting fabric yet; it should, but if I'm going to order a couple of things from a quilting shop (rulers), then surely it makes sense to add some fabric; maybe some basic Kona solids.


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