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Sunday, November 06, 2011

New PC

Finally think I've got it set up; still have to transfer the old one to where the kids one is atm, hook this up to the printer, the USB hub (3ports are not enough), screen, mouse and keyboard.    The laptop keyboard is not user friendly and on top of the desk is too high for me to use comfortably.
No crafting today as I spent most of the day copying files to the portable hard drive, then copying them to this pc; plus trying to get Thunderbird working properly.  In the end I found a wonderful suggestion on the Thunderbird forum that I should install Tb, but not launch it.  Copy and paste the whole Thunderbird profile from the Users Folder and then paste the whole thing into the Roaming section in users on Windows 7 before launching Tb; worked a treat!

We did take a small break this afternoon for a family walk; Thomas treated everyone with an icecream or iceblock; I tried to say no; but in the end I caved as the dairy had caramel icecream.  Don't think I'll lose any weight this week somehow; got to get back to the running tomorrow.  Have to take steps; things are getting tighter, this is not a good thing.  While we were out I got the opportunity to try a couple of photo's with my new phone as the boys are totally immersed in watching the local carwash at work

Got another appointment with my herbalist tomorrow; Ian's got one with the dentist; so glad dentistry for wee ones is free.


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