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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I had a quick look in Ian's birthday cookbook while the boys were at school and found a recipe for gingerbread.   I'd been looking for one for a while now and I decided that's what we'd do when the boys got home from school
This is the book:
Although I'm pretty sure I've got gingerbread recipes in other books I've never managed to find one.  I have made gingercake before which was yummy, but we have Christmas cookie cutters that we wanted to use.
So, we followed the recipe, got it all mixed, kneaded and then had to wait an hour.   The boys were very patient and at the end of that hour the mix was rolled out (a cooperative effort) and then the cookies cut.
Into the oven for 10 minutes and this was the result

 They were very yummy, Ian kept sneaking back to get more, so once they'd cooled I had to place them into storage so we can ice them tomorrow.  The kitchen bench is a mess though
Worth it though; have to go and clean it now I think even though I really can't be bothered.   Then I'm going to do some more spinning or maybe some work on Thomas' sock


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