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Saturday, November 12, 2011

An at-home weekend

well, mostly at home.  Friday was a public holiday here and while most people were off to the agricultural show I went to Mum's place to do some knitting with her.  I also reminded her to spend her voucher for some yarn at  Normally she knits for the boys, but I think I've persuaded her to knit for herself.  This is a good thing, I found a pattern that I have in my magazine stash that she likes for DK yarn and I'll give her a copy of it; luckily it's not one I have in my queue so I won't breach copyright seeing as I'll never knit it.  She's actually got 2 less jerseys now as a result of my visit.  I left with 2 of hers that she's not been wearing as the shape wasn't right.   I'm longer in the body than she is and also have a little more in the chest department so these particular jerseys suit me quite well.  The surprising thing is that they fit as she's also considerably smaller in the girth than I am (she's not fond of sweets like me).

While there I finished Thomas' first sock and started on the second one; got to get him to try it on but it should be fine.  Once it's tried on I'll get a photo and also cut the yarn.  I also got one pattern repeat done on my Central Park Hoodie's back ribbing.

Today we got mail again so a pair of shoes arrived from the NZ Sale website; these are Stegmann sandals with leather upper and lining and although they're a trifle snug in these socks I'm pretty sure in my usual 4-ply (fingering) socks they'll be fine.  I much prefer leather for my shoes.
I really like them and the heel isn't too high either which is good.  The styling is classic too so will fit in with my vintage aesthetic.   Sure I still have a lot of clothes that are most definitely not vintage (workout gear springs to mind here), but I am working on it.

In other news today I've been spinning more of the alpaca/mohair/merino and it's yummy.  Thomas expressed a desire for it to be his, until he found out it's unsuitable for socks.   Might make it into a cowl I think; then if he wants it he can wear it on the motorbike to keep his neck warm; no lace though; that wouldn't go down well at all.
Of course it's only 1/3 done; the other half of the roving needs to be spun yet and then the plying which will then give us a 2-ply yarn.   It won't be suitable for cables, but maybe something with geometric lace might be sufficiently ok for a man.


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