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Monday, November 21, 2011

Photography expert, not!

I went and got the new camera today as well as the Xbox hard drive and a USB Wireless connector so the boys pc will be able to access the net when we want them to.
It's taken me most of the day to find time to actually set the camera up, but the SD card is now installed, the battery charged and I've taken some test shots with her set to auto.   Mind, I'm not planning on using auto that often, and I did take some on macro too, but first shots were to get an idea of how she compares to my much cheaper point and shoot.
First up I took a photo of the first bobbin of Wisteria, you might remember I took a photo of this earlier with the old camera

and this evening with the new camera in bad lighting
Now, to me the colours look more accurate and it looks sharper; once I've had some time practicing I think this is going to work very well indeed for fibrecraft shots.  I also took one of the white BFL I'm spinning to go with this
You can even see the sheen on this and the one wee bit of black fibre that I hadn't even spotted before I took the shot.

I also went out and took a few of things in the garden, I love taking close-ups of flowers and the old camera always left me slightly disappointed
one of my favourite camelias

white gladioli

unknown iris, love the raindrops on this

black iris, this is one of my favorite irises in our garden
And finally, the first shot of Ray where you can see her real colouring
Chocolate, not black; admittedly she's Dark Ghana, not Milk, but....
At this point with no fiddling with the settings I'm really happy and looking forward to fiddling with said settings a lot more in future.   I've still got to pay it off of course, but at least now it's one more thing off my list of stuff to save for.  Once this is paid off I only have a couple more things I want; a Kindle and of course to replace our shower.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

A "real" camera makes all the difference. I'm waiting for my old camera to die so I can justify buying a nice digital SLR.

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