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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Full on!

Very busy today.  Started by going to the guild for a lovely mornings spinning.  I took Sheepie who was much admired; apparently I'm the first to finish using my challenge fibre.
Today I should have been spinning my cotton but instead I decided to leave the swearing at home and took in some of Pat Bradshaw's batts to spin.  This particular lot is not really a batt; it's more of a roving and is a blend of Alpaca/Kid Mohair and Merino.   Not quite as fine as what I normally get from her, but lovely in its own way.
The blue bits are the mohair and they're working out really nicely.  Here's the first lot of singles, not finished as I still have some fibre in this bag; and another bag yet to go.
You can see my full circle skirt there; I've got some photo's of that, not very good ones unfortunately as my camera doesn't do action shots very well and there was a lot of wind that day!
I was twirling too, as you do with a full circle skirt; lol.  Another shot gives you an idea of what it really looks like, but in this one the light was bad, sigh.
This afternoon was very busy indeed.  Ian had his two birthday parties and Thomas had to go to his nephew's 21st.   I got Ian to his first party which was a Harry Potter themed party; he came back with a dragon egg which he gets to hatch in a few days; and he has a potion too; no idea what that does.   His second party he was late to, but he and they didn't mind.   He had a BBQ tea there and got to watch fireworks; boy was he bouncing when I arrived to pick him up!    Right now both boys are watching next door's fireworks through their window; only downside is we don't know where the cats are.   Really hoping they're ok!
Thomas went to the 21st after dinner and got back before I picked Ian up, so that worked out well.

In other news I'm attempting to set up the new computer; Firefox is up and running, Thunderbird is being a stubborn so and so and refusing to accept the original profile from this computer.   Might have to delete the whole thing and start again I think.

And last, but not least, I'm no longer using toothpaste.   Now, before you go "ick" let me explain.   I've made some tooth powder and I think it's working just as well and it's cheaper.   It's not mint flavoured, this is cinnamon and once you get used to the flavour it's rather nice.    I got the recipe from Wendyl Nissen's "A Year of Living Like my Grandmother".


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