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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Autumn 2010 Interweave Crochet

I had plans this morning.  Dishes (by hand), washing, guinea pig clean up and then some Xbox time.  Unfortunately that all went south after a call from school saying George was sick.  Went and picked him up, apparently he'd been sneezing and coughing all morning, well at least for the hour they had him.  I dosed him on honey and garlic after which he said he'd been tricking and wasn't sick.  He is congested in the nose department, but not a single cough or sneeze all day.  He's lost the Xbox for the weekend, he's been clearly informed what the consequences will be if he tries this again and I might have to try and go and see his teacher tomorrow morning if I can; you would think that she'd have enough experience to spot a faker, but apparently not.
Funnily enough I didn't get any Xbox time as the game I was planning on playing is not suitable for children.

When I cleared the mailbox the Autumn Interweave Crochet was in the box, that made me feel a bit better until I actually had a closer look.   I think I can safely say my sub will be let lapse once it runs out.  I will do a quick review though, there are a few things that are ok, but nothing says "make me now!".

Blue Ridge Hoodie:  This one is actually really nice, however it's not in the magazine, it's a free download for a limited time.  It's a nicely fitted hoodie so not suitable for anything bulky underneath, but would be perfect for slightly cooler days and would look great with jeans.

Sage Jacket: I'm not sure on this one.  I love the stitches, but it's a bit shapeless and has the wide neckline which will let all those cold breezy bits through.  I think if I made it I'd pass on the collar thing on one side, it just doesn't work and maybe lengthen the sleeves.

Magnum Jacket: I like the shape of this jacket, but not in this weight of yarn.  Using a super bulky yarn in crochet makes this slim woman look like she's carrying extra weight.

Sangria Cardigan:  I would love to see this cardigan with the fronts actually in the same position as they are in the diagram.  The way she's wearing it you can't see the shape at all.  Based on the photo taken I wouldn't crochet it..

Pink Cosmos Coat:  Shapeless coat with big collar and pockets on the widest part of the body.  Unfortunately this is not flattering and the wide front band also widens things.

Birch Vest:  This is really nice, it's got the right shape, a more solid pattern on the top and it's pretty.  This is the only thing so far I actually want to make, but in a different colour.  Love the lacey bottom part.

Helping Hand Walker Bag:  It's a rectangle with straps; nuff said.

Five Spice Hat:  An online project, quite cute and should be warm.

Acorn Cap:  It almost looks knitted, nothing wonderful here

Pinata Bag:  Can we say too bright?   Might be nice in more muted colours, but the ones they've chosen are fighting eachother.

Sycamore Poncho:  I'm sorry, but I can't find anything nice to say about this, shapeless, colourless, boring.

Sugar Maple Shawl:  Unfortunately with the yarn they've used I can't tell if I actually like the shawl or not, they should have done it in a plainer yarn.

Honeycomb Socks:  Cute I guess, but not worth the price of the mag.

Autumn Rose Pullover:   I quite like this, the knitted body should be warm and the crocheted sleeves and yoke in the contrast yarn actually works quite well.  I might make this sometime.

Coco Holly Topsy-Turvy Doll:  I rather like this, would be great if I had a wee girl, but I don't think my boys would appreciate it somehow.

Pink Asters Scarf:  I rather like this too, it's a wonderful blend of knitting and crochet; very pretty.

Lacy Cables Scarf:  A bit more subdued than the Pink Asters Scarf but still very nice.

Oak Leaf Vest:  I like the square neck on this, the shape is nice, has potential but needs to be rather longer.

Snow Queen Hat:  I love this, very pretty, the knitting sets off the crochet very nicely.  Might actually queue this one.

Snowflake Sweater:  I think this would work better if the central crocheted section was in the same colour as the knitted section, the two colours just don't work.  The sleeves are the wrong length too, need to be either longer or shorter.


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