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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time for some good news

Nothing major, but we went into town this morning to check out some of our favourite shops and make sure they're ok.  Luckily they all were, so for those who are interested...
Comics Compulsion on Worcester St is open and fine, they had to pick up a couple of board games, but that was it.  It is a bit complicated getting to them though if you ended up parked by Gloucester St, took us 20 minutes to get there and they're only one block away!
Fabric Vision, Bernina and Kutwell fabrics are all fine.
Knitworld is also fine.  

I spent some money at Kutwell, got a couple of metres of a black waterproof nylon to go with the black polarfleece I already have.  DH will be getting a new vest out of that.  Also 4m of a nice grey wool blend for trousers for DH and possibly something for me.  Spent $23.00 all up which is pretty good.

I did not spend anything else aside from $1 for parking so I'm quite pleased about that.

On the knitting front I've not got a huge amount done, but there is a bit more done on my Forest Floor socks, the second one is now halfway through the gusset, and I'm into the second part of the pattern for my Stormy Catamount cardigan.  Here's how it's looking so far

It's being knit in 100PureWool Merino 3-ply which is a worsted weight yarn.  The contrast is my scrappy handspun which is various colours.  As a result of using the scrappy yarn the sleeve cuff area will be different on each one, but that will just make it more interesting.
I've also been getting more work done, work is closed till Monday morning which I suspect may be a result of the biggest aftershock going off while everyone was at work which would have been rather an interesting experience.  So, back to work on Monday for DH and myself, school reopens (Yay!), then 2 weeks later it's school holidays. 
Monday will be busy, as well as work I've got to drop a heater off and I have an appointment in town to see a doctor for George's assessment; hope I can find the form I'm meant to take in.   Will take my knitting in I think, maybe my spiral bound socks.

Oh, and while I remember I did some dyeing last night for a fibre swap.  I was aiming for a chartreuse, but I think I tried to dye too much in one go and the colour split a bit, it's a spring green with yellow which is beautiful.  Unfortunately my recipient doesn't like yellow, so I might have to keep it and go stash diving instead.  Normally I'd find something at the guild shop, but that's shut atm so not an option.  I do have several options in the stash though so all is not lost.  I've also got to find something suitable for another scrappy yarn swap; might send a little more in this time so the resulting yarn is longer and I can do something more with it.


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