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Thursday, September 09, 2010


Like everyone else in Christchurch and surrounds we are over the aftershocks.  There was a big one yesterday morning, over 5 on the Richter scale and only 6km down (this is from memory so my figures might be slightly off), it was also very close to us.  We now have a small amount of property damage, some new cracks in the garage.  Unfortunately it didn't see fit to get rid of the old cracks which have been there for ages, but it did make some of them bigger.  We now have a claim in with EQC, an assessor will be out in 2 weeks or more.  I guess we'll find out then if it needs repair or not and if so how to repair it, the thing is concrete block so might just need new mortar, or it might be more serious.

This morning we dropped into the Welfare centre at Addington and dropped some stuff off there.  I had lots of baby stuff in a suitcase that was clean and being saved for the next baby in my side of the family.  Almost all of that has gone now, we kept the heirlooms (my baby blanket and the cardigans that Gran knitted for me), everything that Mum or I knitted for the boys went though, as did all my old and some new jeans that I didn't really need, some towels that we could spare, sheets for single beds etc.  Everything clean, though some baby stuff had stains from dribbly boys.  We then went and left 2 cans of kitten food on top of the SPCA letterbox as they weren't open for another 30 minutes.  I know that they have a lot of extra residents atm and our kitten is now on dried food so we donated them too.

I'm about to head off to a guild get together of a few ladies, need some time off and this is just what does that best for me.  The guild rooms are not going to be available again, the Arts Centre suffered too much damage for our rooms to be safe; I think for a while at least we'll just be meeting at people's houses. 
School probably isn't back till Monday and Thomas won't be back till tomorrow at the earliest.
Hope everyone is doing ok, see you later.


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