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Friday, September 24, 2010

It's going to be a long day

Had to redo XP on the PC yesterday, unfortunately some of my backups hadn't worked so I'm now going through 45,000 emails that were luckily still on the server, but it's rather a mission.   I also have to redo the budget from scratch as that wasn't saved either.  However, once all that's done the whole thing should work a whole lot faster.  Certainly my typing is going faster, I was having to type and then wait for it to catch up!
No longer having to do that which is good at least.

Ian's currently on the Xbox while I get this done, that and it's his last chance before the holidays to just have some fun on it without George constantly telling him what to do.   He's loving it!

Got a guild trip tomorrow, $25 for a bus ride to Cave where we'll be visiting a Perendale farm and I'll be knitting on the way, just got to decide if I'm taking Whisper, Catamount or Spiral Bound to knit.  Can only really fit in one, at the most two.  If I haven't finished the colour change part on Catamount that'll get left behind though.


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