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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Small Finishes

I'm working on the faux astrakhan collar, it should be finished tomorrow all going well.   This is how the silk looked when I finished quilting it:
quilted silk satin
I've finished the first pair of felted slippers, they felted too small but some manipulation and swearing saved the day.
Before felting on George's feet.

After felting and manipulation.
I've added a non-slip sole to them and he hasn't taken them off since I gave them to him, except for our workout this morning.

I've also made 2 namebadges for Bloggers Connecting in a fortnight
Just a teaser, really happy with the custom print fabric and my embroidery.
That's it for the moment.    I've done one slipper for Ian as well in green, second one is on the needles.   I've also cast on for his socks.   Once his slipper is finished though I'll be going back to my Central Park Hoodie, although it's been really warm I now winter is on its way and I'll need it then!

Also started prepping the eaves and gables on the house for painting, can't waterblast them as they're concrete fibre board and it won't cope, so hosed down and brushed as well.   Tomorrow I'll sand the wood bits and then get started on painting I hope.


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