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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Craftsy's Spring Sale is starting

From 05th April US time to 8th April a different set of Craftsy classes will be on sale each day with up to 75% off their normal price!    If you're interested please use my link to Craftsy's sale as I will earn a commission which would be nice for my own Craftsy classes, lol.

In other news I'm not knitting or sewing much the last few days as I've been getting the eaves of the house ready for painting.   2 coats already done on one side of the house, going to start side 2 this afternoon which will then leave another coat there and then the gables and sloped eaves.  I'm not prepared to do them without Thomas at home to keep an eye on me for safety's sake.

I have finished a couple of things before I started the painting though.   Ian's slippers were completed yesterday afternoon:
Green felted slippers.
 He loves them so much he took them to school this morning.

I've also finished my fur collar:
I think it really pulls the whole outfit into 1913

Detail of the decoration at the ends of the collar.

My next sewing item will be trousers for the "By the Sea" challenge.  I'm making a pair of wide-leg navy trousers with a sailor look to them based on a pin I found.   I'm using the same 1940's pattern I used for the jacket, but the main alteration will be a turn up cuff; not sure this is a good idea as I have short legs already but it'll make the end result look more authentic.   I think the fabric is a cotton blend of some sort, nothing dissolved in the bleach anyway so it's not wool.
I'm also knitting a pair of socks for Ian during waiting times (my travel knitting) and working on my Central Park Hoodie as well; I really need to get that finished!


Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

hey i've been meaning to ask you for a long time now: when you sew your historical outfits, what do you do with them? do you wear them to some, uhm, historical style gatherings? or you just wear them as is? it's cool to see them made, but i do wonder what's the idea behind them.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

In response to Maria, but also for anyone else who wonders the same thing :)

I've only been sewing historic stuff for a very short time so far and haven't had a chance to wear any of it, partly because it's not been cold enough yet for my winter wardrobe. I have however made sure that everything I make is something that wouldn't look too far out of place if worn with other modern items, well, right up to the collar which is definitely not something that you'd see today. I'm going to wear it though, cos I think it's lovely and I don't want it hidden away.
I am planning on sewing some stuff that isn't appropriate to wear today, in particular a Regency dress, I think I might wear that next summer as the look suits me. I'll be the mad mum at school pick up, don't have enough money to be considered eccentric! I could possibly also wear it to a spinning demonstration as well without looking too out of place.
Part of the reason I actually love making this sort of thing is a dissatisfaction with today's fashions which are not always that flattering and often something I wouldn't feel comfortable in. I also like the attention to detail, that's something I didn't appreciate when I was younger, but now is appealing.

I hope that answers your questions, I'd better get my 1930's trousers cut out now (those I will definitely wear IRL).

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

The collar is nifty!

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