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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sigh, more broken glass

Tonight at least no-one got hurt, but our dinner wasn't able to be eaten after the pyrex container it was being cooked in disintegrated on top of the stove when it was lifted out.   4 pork chops had to be binned and so did the broccoli as it had been right next to the disaster zone with no lid on it.    Not the best time to have to buy dinner with my pay the way it has been, but I'll just have to fiddle the budget somehow.   It's amazing how far that stuff goes!    It was all through the oven, into the warming drawer and all over the floor too.    There's now a large parcel in the bin, with "Broken Glass" written over it to keep the rubbish people safe.

There was some good stuff leading up the weekend though, Ian's bike chain fell off on the way to school, I put it back on, but it came straight back off again and I was trying to explain to Ian that we had to take it home for daddy to fix when a White Knight arrived!   One of the other parents was driving past, pulled over and got his spanner out and fixed it for us, he even tensioned it correctly so the chain now stays put, a wonderful random act of kindness which was greatly appreciated.   We were late to school as a result, but that was ok, just meant that the mum who wanted to talk to me had to catch up after school.
She wanted to find out if George had let me know he was invited to a birthday party the next day, he hadn't as he'd lost the invite but we had nothing on so he was able to go.   He enjoyed all the activities which included a water slide and rabbit shooting and target shooting, he's never shot a gun so that was an amazing experience for him.  I get the impression a couple of the kids spent some time teasing him which he didn't enjoy, unfortunately he's not yet developed the ducks back with these things.

In other news all my sewing is cut out except the corset.   So 5 t-shirts, a button shirt and the caveman outfit.  I'll start sewing them tomorrow.    I've almost finished the first Business Casual Sock, on the toe decreases now.


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Rachelle!!! What a terrible thing to happen especially with dinner inside it. Do you have a casserole dish to use in the meantime?? More than happy to long-term loan one of ours if it's any help xxx

Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

I can just imagine how far that dinner spread... you poor thing!
I'm looking forward to seeing your sewing coming along - sounds like a lot in the works!

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