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Friday, March 08, 2013

Lots of finishes and something really cute

Spotted this wee chap
Funnily enough this is the cute item.   He's very young still which is why I suspect he was out during the day, I've seen a few young ones out in the day before now.   I knew we had one on the property, been a few telltales on the lawn.    I love hedgies, we have a lot of snails and slugs on the property so they're a good animal to have around.
We've got signs autumn is now here, a cooler day yesterday, hot again today and tomorrow will be cooler again.
First autumnal leaves on our peach tree, the ground under the tree is littered with peaches.   These are preserving peaches.
I did a little yarn shopping online, Skeinz were having a sale and I really wanted to try their Harvest yarn which is now discontinued.  It's a mix of all sorts of different fibres.
I'm going to make a colourwork yoked cardigan with this, probably Chickadee
I will need to do one more yarn order, but not at the moment, expensive time of year with school fees, camps, car and bike service etc.   Once that's over I'll be ordering the yarn to make my colourwork vest for the Fair-Isle Vest Craftsy course.    I love Craftsy and you might notice I've joined their affiliate programme, the link is on the side of my blog if you're interested.   The only course I've taken I didn't like was Joan Wolfrem's colour for quilters, but Craftsy's customer service is fantastic as I mentioned in a previous post.

I've finished some things, t-shirts for the boys
The boys love them!   The camo was a particular hit.
Ian also got something he's really keen on
Venus Fly Trap.   Now full of flies, we had a damp day and the flies have suddenly appeared.  Ian's over the moon over this plant.
Finished one sock:
Business Casual Sock
 Some fabric arrived from Spoonflower, I'm going to use this to make the badge for my person for the Blogger get together
Map of Christchurch, I love this!
And I've started spinning for the guild cushion, this is English Leicester/Gotland cross
Flick carded and worsted spun.

I've also finished the 1913 shirt I was working on
detail of flat felled seam being set up for sewing

My perfect collar, really pleased with it

It sits better on me, the dress form is fuzzy.
The Challenge:  #5 Peasants & Pioneers

Fabric:  I suspect this is a cotton/poly blend, but mostly cotton, the stripe is woven in.

Pattern:  Simplicity 2985 which is a menswear pattern.   I've added some width to the front for a pleat, changed all the gathers to pleats, changed the button orientation to suit a woman's shirt, used white for the inside yoke and collar to keep things clean.   I also changed the collar to use just the collar stand based on the uniform in Downton Abbey, Season 1.
Year: 1913
Notions:  Polyester thread, shell buttons
How historically accurate is it?  I think it may actually be fairly accurate.  I based it on the blouses worn in Downton Abbey, all seams are flat felled, buttons are handsewn, though buttonholes are machine sewn.   There is iron-on interfacing though which I know is horribly innacurate.
Hours to complete:  7

First worn:  Not yet worn, needs washing to remove the little blue marks, lol.
Total cost:  As usual this has been in my stash for years, buttons cost $9

I also made George a caveman outfit, can't find a photo of that though.    This week alone I've used 7 pieces of fabric from my stash!    Adding the other circa 1913 items I've used 10 pieces of stash fabric up and it's only March.  Really pleased by this.

Still working on my second sock, planning next Historical challenge item which will be another striped item, possibly another shirt using a more historical pattern.


Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a ton of stuff!!!
I miss decent peaches. We head off to France for ours :)
I made a lovely hat with Skeinz Harvest a year or so ago. Be warned. It grows!!
Loving the tops :)

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the little hedgie!

You've been busy - your BC sock looks great!

Gracey is not my name.... said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW! You've been busy!!!!

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