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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Business Casual Socks

Business Casual Socks
I finished them the other day, despite a couple of errors in there I'm really happy with them.   I'm now working on felted slippers for George, then felted slippers for Ian.    I've been reminded of how much I hate working with big needles, but am hoping they'll be good when finished.   George chose red Cascade 220 Tweed and Ian's having Valley Yarns Huntingdon in green.

I've got the shell of my jacket finished now.  I set the sleeves today and added a sleeve-head for the first time ever.  I used a little of the leftover wool batting from George's quilt, I'll get an idea of how it looks once the shoulder pad is in and I can try it on.  Tomorrow I'll press the sleeve and get started on the lining.   The lining is silk so might be a little more temperamental than the usual polyester lining I normally use.

Some EQC news.    We've been approved for a payout, the asbestos test came back negative so we don't have to negotiate removal of that from the property and it's just a matter now of waiting for the actual money so we can get the work done, including the garage.


Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

Your socks look great.
I'm going to do some felted slippers in April... but without a top loader I'm nervous how they'll felt. Thinking I'll try by hand too :)

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