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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Apparently I couldn't manage a decent pose this morning, I'm blaming it on the cold damp grass.    I do love the look though, the shirt seems to do a good job of the pouter pigeon breast look which is definitely period appropriate!

The jacket is going well, all cut out and interfacing (fusible I'm afraid, no sew-in in the stash) is applied.  Main fabric is mostly sewn together and the body seems to fit fairly well after dropping the bust point by 5cm.   Hoping to get some more sewing done tomorrow, depends on the rest of the family and the temporary dog.

I've almost finished the Business Casual socks.   On the toe of the second one so hoping it'll be finished tonight.   Then 3 new things have popped into our queue for knitting.   Both boys need slippers and Ian desperately wants his own pair of handknit socks so those will be the next things to be cast on.

In other news I gave away a pair of socks to my mother today, they were a touch too small for me, they fit mum perfectly!   I also pulled up my big girl undies and let another motorist know their back tyre was going flat.   Luckily the traffic was going really slowly so when it was stopped and I knew it would be for a while I hopped out of my car and let them know; really hard to do simply because I don't like making waves but it was dangerous and they had a child seat in the back so I made myself do it.

Finally, Google Reader is closing on 1st July, I'm rather unhappy as I love that service, but am looking at Feedly and Bloglovin at the moment.   Neither seem to use tabs the way Reader does though :(


Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

You do look very period :)
I've signed up to feedly and it seems okay but needs some tweaking to make it as easy as google. Hopefully someone will get there in the end!

Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

The sewing looks amazing and for you on being brave x

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