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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Garnet is finished!

I know today was about Ravallenics, but I couldn't start something new without finishing my Garnet socks, so here they are:
Garnet Socks by Morag of Vintage Purls
Yarn was also Morag's in the colourway "Poolside with Hockney".  Now I can cast on Ring of Fire in my handspun, the pattern is actually Elm Leaves.
Should be beautiful in the handspun now that it's plied. 

Speaking of handspun I got more done on Beech Forest today, still a wee bit to go, but once it's done I'll Navajo ply and make a cowl for Thomas for his motorbike.
Isn't it yummy?  Should look great on Thomas, he's an Autumn so these colours are just right for him.

I've got started on the boys "Ladder of Doom", just have to bind it and I'll post a photo once it's finished.

In other news there might have been a little yarn arriving.  First up was a skein of Dyeabolical Yarn in Themyscira.   I won this from Susan B Anderson's blog; it's gorgeous and will be used for some colourwork socks, still to decide on which pattern.
Also a wee bit of yarn that I actually ordered; from Skeinz I have some Mink yarn which is incredibly soft and one skein of silk lace-weight yarn.
Mink yarn, the mink comes from a Tibetan co-op
100% silk laceweight


Mrs A said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE those socks!! You are really talented :D

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Those socks are so pretty!! And I love your yarn - the handspun is a lovely colour!

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