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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Huhu Grubs and spinning

This afternoon Thomas was doing some wood chopping and in the process he found a couple of huhu grubs.   George thought they were gross, but Ian and I found them fascinating.   Admittedly I won't eat them, but I have put them into a container with some wood and will take them to show Ian's class tomorrow.   The main reason I won't eat them has nothing to do with them being bugs, it's because they are supposed to taste like peanut butter and I can't stomach that stuff.
I'll check them in the morning and make sure they're ok before taking them to school.   In the meantime here's some photo's for those of you who aren't squeemish.   Oh, and by the way, they don't feel slimy, they're quite dry like enormous caterpillars.
Size comparison against Thomas' finger

Eggs on the centre right of the picture, similar size to fish oil capsules.

Our pair of huhu grubs which are now keeping eachother company awaiting school tomorrow.
And now back to our normal channel.....

Knitting - I'm almost finished the first cabled section on the Garnet sock (the second one) and it's looking good, really looking forward to finishing this so I can wear the pair

Waiting on yarn for the test-knit for Wandering Cat Yarns, I'll email once I get it so I can get the pattern.

My handspun mohair is going to be paired with some very fine Merino to knit the lace cuffs as the yarn needs stabilising.

Spinning - I've finished the singles of my Alpaca/Silk and tomorrow I'm hoping to ply it
4 bobbins of Alpaca/silk
You might have noticed some changes in my photography, I'm getting the hang of some of the abilities of my camera and now know how to take photo's with a small field of focus, used the tripod to take this one as well and am really happy with it.

My next spin will be to go back to the Gotland, but I'm going to prep it with the handcards first and see if I get a better result with the rolags than the commercial prep.

Sewing - curtains are coming along.  I'm not enjoying it, just so much fabric to wrestle!   All the drops are now seamed together though for the main fabric and the lining.  Tomorrow I'll clear the lounge floor and turn up the hems on both lots so I can then attach them together.   I'll have to put the new tracks up too.


Celeritas said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm spinning gotland at the moment, not having hand cards I made faux rolags. I'm really enjoying spinning woollen and I'm getting about worsted weight 10ply knitting at 20sts/4" on 4mm needles.

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not into eating bugs but they are cool looking. Neat that you can see the eggs too!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I think they're neat as well, I watched a quick clip online with Bear Grylls in the West Coast of the South Island this morning eating one. His description of the taste put me off even more! I was actually looking for information on them for Ian to take to school for his teacher. Found a little, but not much; luckily his teacher was pleased to see them.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not quite sure what weight mine will be yet, but it is a bit easier to spin from rolags than the commercial prep. Not sure if it's sufficiently easier to warrant the extra work though. I've got a box full so by the end of that I should have worked it out.

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