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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wow, Amazing!

That was Ian's reaction to the new curtains, George told me they "look really cool!".    I feel 10' tall after that!

Here's what the room did look like
Pink velvet curtains, aren't they stunning?   Constantly breaking hooks and they have a rip that you can't see here.
The new curtains were one heck of a pain to make, but almost worth it for the reaction.

The new curtains closed and backlit by the afternoon sun.
We still have to repaint the room at some point as Ian stripped the wallpaper off one corner, but this makes a huge difference to the room!

I also got some plying done, first bobbin of Alpaca Silk in the colourway Paua; though I'm calling it Glacier Pass.
Alpaca Silk plied on the bobbin of my e-spinner
 Some yarn arrived today too, one I can't show you yet as it's the latest Vintage Purls sock club yarn, I will say it is beautiful though and I love the simple, but elegant pattern that came with it.
Peter Pan from Wandering Cat Yarns, this is for the test knit I'm doing for Val; the resulting socks will be for Thomas
Cranberry in Tabby Cat base also from WCY, this was a thank-you from Val for the test knit, unexpected, but definitely appreciated (I knew it was coming, just hadn't expected that she'd tell me she was sending that too, thankyou Val)

George's latest favourite thing, Hama beads.  He's used most of the first set I got the boys and has now started on the second set.  I've told him he'll have to use his pocket money if he wants more.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Curtains look great!
I'm glad you like the yarn, I should have the pattern to you on Sunday!

Sarah Craig said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely curtains - you did a great job! Whoop whoop!!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, I'm loving them, the whole room looks so much better with them up!

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